Itchy feet

Sunset at Colletorto (CB)

Molise is quite a little but interesting italian region. If you’re looking for a totally different place to spend your holiday in, Molise’s gonna suit you. It overlooks the Adriatic Sea and has a moutain landscape as well. I mean: just wild life, literally.

stufatoHere our first tips: if you feel like wanting some olive oil, you just have to make for Colletorto and Casacalenda, near Campobasso (let’s say that Molise is at the very centre of Italy). On the other hand, you should know that half of the italian truffle production takes place thanks to this region. Namely, if you go to San Pietro Avellana or Carovilli.

Just in case you were not vegan at all, you might enjoy tasting some goat stew graciously made by local peasants: Pezzata di Capracotta. That’s how this dish is defined over there. They use a low fire to stew it, along with a pot and water, oil, salt, herbs and spices.

Molise, where else?


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